Once upon a time…

the dragonborn ruled the Earth from the city-state of Kaels in the Empire of Arkhosia. They were the defenders of justice, sprung forth from the blood of Io when he was split in two by the primordials, caught in a struggle between the light of heaven and the darkness of the void. The dragonborn served the rest of the world as protectors, sworn to keep the creatures of the Underdark from spilling up into the world.

One hundred and thirty-two years ago the Empire of Arkhosia fell. Few mortals remember the world that was. Now the Seven Jewels of the Arkhosian Empire are divided up amongst humans and dwarves, renamed and stripped of their glory for a quick profit. Human beings are more short-sighted than elves and less adamant in their beliefs than the dragonborn, and so this new Harkenwold Empire has compromised its values, sold its honor piece by piece, and let the edges of its lands fall into ruin. Where once goblins knew that it was certain death to wander into these lands, they now have the effrontery to raid merchants right on the Kaletan River. Thunderspire Mountain, which once served as the main bastion against the forces of the Underdark, is now being strip mined by the Saruun Mages for its valuable Cosian moss. And the cit of Naxos, once famous for keeping the Winedark Sea clear of pirates, has now become a cesspool of vermin and cutthroats.

But there are a few who sit on the slopes of their once-great city-states and dream of a time that was pure. And these few are not content to being relegated to grain huskers and rat catchers. Perhaps they remember the bonds of old between their people and the mighty wyrms that fought alongside them in the Second Drow War and dream of calling in their old debts; perhaps they know of legends of the lost Arkhosian treasures that contain great magics that were once used to govern an Empire; or perhaps they believe that in the right hands even a simple iron blade guided by the claws of Bahamut is enough to crush any injustice.

They are the heroes of a new dawn.

The Dragonborn Game

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