The Dragonborn Game

The Journey North

After seeing the destructive swath the goblin hordes were able to wreak because of the human Empire’s negligence, the dragonborn brother-bound head North to track down a gang of goblins known as the Bloodreavers. Drobbaen found that a piece of Silver Dragon Regalia was sold to someone in the old city of Saruun Khel.

The dragonborn heroes made their way to the northern mountain city, and after a warm reception from the mage Orontor, they headed into the ancient ruins to track down the Bloodreavers with the help of Terrlen Darkseeker, a weathered old dungeoneer. They ran into a small band of them that had tied up a halfling, and after a somewhat challenging battle, they killed the hobgoblins, freed the halfling, and made their way back to the Seven-Pillared Hall.



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