Balasar vo Drobbaen

Keeper of memories, scion of Drobbaen


Inspiring warlord


Balasar bears the weight of history. The Drobbaen clan was prominent in the court of old [[Arkhosia]], boasting twice as many holders of the title of Protector of the Empire as any other clan. Many heroes as well can be counted among the valiant dead of Drobbaen, as the clan was ever involved in military service. Now, in the ruins of the past Balasar must try to provide for and lead his once-great clan as a young and inexperienced family head.

Other clans have abandoned the past, either submitting to the yoke of oppression or abandoning the honor and guidance of their traditions to fit in with the new world order, and the stubborn persistence of Drobbaen honor has led to some tension within the dragonborn community. His longstanding friendship with Goris Scaled Eyes and Claritus Shadowfang – other oddities themselves – has left some at a loss for how to deal with him. That Balasar has so far adhered to older ways and done so with dignity, and that his clan have long opposed the human rule covertly won some admirers.

In the privacy of his thoughts, Balasar recognizes that the dragonborn are not in a position to fight their way back to empire and prosperity without radical intervention. The histories and old ways of honor and action must be restored to their culture. The race as a whole must once again prove worthy of [[Bahamut|Bhamut’s]] favor, and individuals must rise up in glory to show their kin and patrons, the true dragons, that they are worthy of aid and intervention.

Three times since being a wyrmling Balasar has seen his clan’s patron and forebear, the great silver wyrm Valbeldrobbaenalis. He knows that it is his duty and his destiny to achieve worth and glory, to succeed where the past 6 generations of his family have failed and recover the [[Silver Dragon Regalia]] and find the secret home of Valbeldrobbaenalis and plead with him for aid.

For now, though, he must provide for the clan, improve himself, and begin to shake free of the oppression of Harkenwold so he may begin his quest in the wider world. He has prospects for mating, and duties to his adopted broodmates. To further both, he builds a bridepile and helps the [[Shadowfang]] elder in trying to seal a recently uncovered entrance to the Underdark, that their ancient foes may be held at bay. The old ways must not be forgotten.

Balasar vo Drobbaen

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