Important Locations

Important People

  • King ???? (deceased)


Social Structure

Duergar society depends on constant consumption – whether food, ore, slaves or living space. Found most often in enclaves near other larger settlements primarily populated by other races, the Grey Dwarves’ rapaciousness is sated in trade or raiding depending on the comparative strength of the Duergar and their neighbors. Their religous devotions to Asmodeus (see below) demand that those that are weaker serve and those that are stronger are used, so they could be found at any point on the power spectrum in an area.

The talent for stone- and metalwork is no less present in Duergar than their more pleasant kin and they are often found as merchants and artisans throughout the Underdark.


Asmodeus is frequently revered by the Duergar, as the tenets of that dark worship fit well with the regimented brutatlity of their attitude.



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