The humans refer to this land as Easton, as it lies on the eastern edge of their empire. This city is surrounded by shanty towns of human peasants and dragonborn slaves. There is a middle class sprawl on the side of the great lake, walled apart from the tent city. The four white towers of Kaels stand over eighty feet in the air, minarets of Bahamut looking to the four corners of the Earth. Now they are used as administrative buildings of the humans. Kaels is not as large as many of the human cities. If one were to stand at the East Gate and the streets were cleared of people, one could see the Western Gate.

Most of the city is built out of white stone mined from the mountains in the north and brought down the Kaletan River over six hundred years ago. To look at the city now, it appears that the white towers fade to gray near the bottom. And the white cobblestones of the main streets are so trodden that they appear charcoal or even brown. It is a shame.

The four towers are now used for the imperial military and city guard, the imperial mages and city library, the municipal government and central trade guild, and the offices of the church of Torm (praised be His holy name). Minor merchants work out in the main forum and off the side streets.

Lord Easton is engaged to Lady Ward, a young, high-standing noblewoman from Harkenwol. Their wedding is set for the third week of the harvest month. The ceremony is open to all in the main cathedral; the reception is by invitation only.


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