A massive rainforest to the south. The Rainwilds are rumored to hold a thousand terrors and different ways to die, yet the silks, rare spices and exotic trade goods make it a frequent goal of expeditions from many lands. That few return alive just ensures that those who do are the more richly rewarded.

A dominant feature of the land is its corrosive nature; many plants and animals are poisonous and the waters themselves carry an acid edge from them. The rivers are strong enough to burn skin and gradually eat through boats, which vastly limits travel on the waterways. As the alternative is to blaze a trail through primal forest filled with all manner of deadly flora and fauna it has remained almost wholly unexplored.

The few natives hold secrets to treat materials to resist the decay and corrosion, and there are rumors of ancient cities of white stone glimpsed by travellers. Ghostwood is a rare timber only found in the Rainwild that is resistant to the effects of its waters and is prized for building boats and dwellings.

In ages past the Rainwilds were a semi-autonomous domain in the Empire of Sarr, ruled from the ancient draconic city of Kelsingraa. To this day some remnants of that past persist, as many old and ancient wyrms still call the rainwilds home, and it hosts a few sparse settlements of dragonborn – such as Ronarris – and even human habitations that still adhere to the reverence and worship of the children of Io as they do in Treehaug.

Those brave and foolish enough to court death by visiting the Rainwilds start their journey almost exclusively from the port of Naxos, as that is the only sure source of even remotely reliable information and supplies for this inhospitable and dimly-known land.


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