An ancient Bronze wyrm that until recently dwelled deep amidst the ruins of the Rainwild. Little is known of Xyphero due to its reclusive nature; Awaru insists that it has maintained its solitude in the Rainwild due to some personal conflict with the Golden One. Attended by a small tribe of muddled dragonborn and lizardfolk stock, the Great One and his adherents are the last remnants of the fallen empires of old.

Lairing in the fallen city of Kelsingraa, once the foundation of the first empire Xyphero may yet prove instrumental in the establishment of the 4th.

After a group of human interlopers from Harkenwold led by Isaiah the Blue invaded Kelsingraa and – through terrible wizardry – temporarily enslaved Xyphero’s will, Balasar, Claritus and Goris fought through the humans, slew Isaiah and destroyed the orb suborning Xyphero’s will. In retribution for his experience Xyperho flew to Harkenwold and devastated the capitol and its surrounding countryside. The Brothers pleaded their case and the Great One returned to Kaels with them to claim it as his dominion.

After disastrously underestimating the seriousness of the situation the former Lord Easton died of pride by Xyphero and the humans holding the city were brought low. The newly-free Keepers are working to rebuild their state under the guidance of the Brothers and in service to the Great One. Whether or not Xyphero will lead and guard them better than the Golden One remains to be seen.


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